What do young people in social networks

We used to think that teenagers rarely extend beyond the interests of music, gadgets and computer games. It’s hard to say why we shifts one size fits all” all the younger generation. Such a generalized view prevents parents from taking a closer look at the interests of the child and helping him develop natural talents.

The educational project GoTo decided to find out what young people are interested in reality. The researchers analyzed 100,000 random profiles 15 and 18-year-old users of social networks Vkontakte, has made a rating of 100 most popular communities, which are signed by the users, and to decide how changing interests of teenagers as they grow older.

The main terms of the communities included in the top 100, can be attributed to the categories: humor, attitude, life hacking, movies and music, nauchpop, games, lifestyle (sports and nutrition), the city and the event.

At the same time, the interests of adolescents 15 years of people are more homogeneous: most are made in communities with humorous collections, collections of quotes, fun facts, and lively images. Among the most popular and community dedicated to games, and community only for girls.

Adolescents 18 years of age are much more diverse. At the top were the community, dedicated to film and music group devoted to leisure activities in the city. 18-year-olds are also interested communities on the themes of literature, science, sports, beauty, cooking.

It may seem surprising, but the computer games that we usually think mostly teenage interest, are in the last place among the interests of children as the 15 and 18 years. In the first place for their humor, friendship, and relationships.

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