How to wean a child to nail a nail

Many parents are faced with the situation when the baby starts to gnaw the nails. Do not leave this bad habit without attention and hope that the child will outgrow it. At the first signs of dysphagia, one should find the cause of its appearance and help the child get rid of it.

The desire to gnaw nails entails not only unaesthetic appearance of fingertips, deformation of the nail plate, inflammation of adjacent tissues, but also the ingress of bacteria, helminth eggs, pathogens into the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the permanent damage to the nail plate, a large growth of the cuticle is often observed.

To learn how to wean a child’s nails, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common ways to combat a bad habit.

How to wean a child to nail a nail

1. Perhaps, the most important thing is to understand why it became necessary to nibble and bite your nails. Usually, the reason is psychological and the process of its elimination will be long. There are situations that require specialist help. But if you do not get rid of the source of anxiety in the child, the chance of a relapse of onychophagy is great.

2. Psychologists recommend switching the attention of the baby to manual work. Well, if you together will sculpt something, glue, draw, cut, make. Such activities will redirect the flow of the nervous system to another channel and distract the child from the desire to gnaw the nails.

3. Let the kid play with objects that are pleasant to the touch. Now you can find special toys to relieve tension. Try also to take the crumbs by shoveling small objects, such as cereals or small pebbles, from one container to another. It is important that the child does this with his fingers and under your supervision.

4. Do a child’s manicure, teach you to follow the nails and hands, explain how beautiful it looks. You can buy a special lacquer that has a bitter taste. Of course, in this way it is much easier to get rid of the girls’ habit. In pharmacies, there are also creams with the same effect. It is important to explain to the child that unpleasant taste sensations arise not because of a bad cosmetic remedy but from a bad habit. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use folk remedies (pepper, mustard, etc.), they cause skin irritation and are dangerous for young children.

5. Give the child an incentive to stop gnawing their nails. You can promise to go somewhere, go or do something. The main thing is for the baby to want it more than to spoil the kind of fingertips.

6. Teach your child to calm down on their own in stressful, stressful, anxious situations. It can be a deep inhale-exhalation, squeezing-unclamping of fists, etc.

7. If the child is already quite old, try to explain to him about the harm of habit. In an accessible and understandable form, tell if you nail what will be, and also about the parasites that will settle in his body, show pictures with their image. Think of a story or a fairy tale with a good ending. Perhaps you or your relatives had experience nibbling nails, tell this child.

8. If alone you can not cope with the habit, consult a psychologist. The specialist will talk with the baby and consult you. Probably, will appoint calming phyto teas and aromatherapy.

If you find that the child suffers from onychophagia, do not scold him at all and do not be ashamed. Try to spend as much time as possible together and for common activities. Hug, kiss your kid more often and the problem of nail-biting will be much easier to handle.

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