How to wake the child in the morning

Awakening to a kindergarten or school – for many mothers this is a real problem. Read how to properly wake a child, so that this process has passed without a problem for both sides.

The unwillingness of a baby to wake up in the morning gives a lot of trouble for parents. Frequent delays in work, quarrels in the family, nervousness – this is a small part of the negative consequences that arise from the unwillingness of a child to get out of bed on time.

However, instead. To get angry, parents need to understand the reason for this behavior of the child. Do not forget that this mode is not usual for the baby, so it takes time for adaptation.

Why does the child wake up in the morning?

First of all, it is a sharp change in the daily routine of the child, when he begins to go to kindergarten or school. The transition to the new regime must be done gently. At least a few weeks before September, the baby should go to bed an hour earlier.

If a child gets used to staying up at the same time all the time, his biological clock will already be adjusted to this daily routine. A clear, reasonable regime is the most important condition for the formation of conditioned reflexes for a time, habits that promote development. The correct regime provides a balanced state of the child, protects the nervous system from overwork and creates favorable conditions for the physical and mental development of the baby.

How to properly wake a child?

Sleep is a process of inhibition that extends to the cortex and subcortical centers of the human brain. During sleep, the metabolism decreases, breathing becomes superficial, the body temperature decreases. The alternation of sleep and wakefulness is a necessary condition for the normal functioning of the human body, and between sleep and wakefulness, there is also an intermediate, so-called “sucker” state. In this state, a person can already hear some soft sounds, but the amount of short-term memory is reduced and a person can not act actively.

Awakening should be slow and calm, all actions of parents and sounds – gentle and affectionate. You can turn on your soft favorite music, dim light, pat the baby and quietly call him by name. It will be even better if you create a certain ritual of awakening, hug and kiss the baby, ask how he slept and what he dreamed. Thanks to this, the child develops a reflex of pleasant awakening.

In addition, it is useful to teach the child to do in the bed a few exercises and sipping. To activate the cardiovascular and respiratory system, one should lay on his back a few deep breaths and exhalations, while straining his stomach and pushing it out while inhaling, and when exhaling – drawing him into himself. To stretch the spine, lying on its side, the left arm is pulled forward and simultaneously the left leg is back. Repeat with the right handle and foot. Then, with both hands, reach up, and with your heels – down. After this, do not immediately jump out of bed, and a little quietly sit.

A light massage of the body and the feet of the baby works well. Another good exercise for awakening is to massage the reflexogenic areas of the ear located on the lobe with the thumb and forefinger, which will promote blood circulation and energy flow.

A few minutes later, when the child is finally awake, you can call him in his usual voice, turn on cheerful, cheerful music.

It is also important that the morning schedule is full. Do not feel sorry for the child, so he slept a little more and delay the recovery. Better to get up an hour early, and without worry and fuss calmly gather.

How not to wake the child?

A sharp awakening can frighten a child, so it is unacceptable:

  • Wake the child with a sharp command voice or shout;
  • Include loud music or an alarm clock;
  • Include a bright light;
  • Wake up in a hurry and rush the child.

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