The most useful vegetable in the world

It’s time to forget about feces and avocados, as well as cauliflower. Today, experts in the field of healthy nutrition talk about the healing power of eggplant.

However, in the west eggplants are called the favorite food of Turkish sultans and the pearl of Middle Eastern cuisine. In some of London’s most fashionable and elite restaurants, aubergines are roasted, stuffed with cheese or made from other delicious dishes.

Especially valuable this vegetable makes the fact that it is included in the Mediterranean diet, which is considered the most useful for health. Researchers argue that following a Mediterranean diet is more useful than taking a statin.

A lot of purple fruits and vegetables are healthy, especially for beets, blueberries, plums, and red cabbage. All these products contain anthocyanin, which provides their shade. It is a powerful antioxidant. This applies to the eggplant. In addition, its skin is saturated with phytonutrient chlorogenic acid.

Some nutritionists emphasize that if they were given the choice to eat vegetables or fruits of only one color every day, then it would be purple. Eggplant also has another purely culinary virtue, as there are a huge number of recipes using this vegetable.

You can make it an independent dish, a side dish, an ingredient for soup and even a dessert. In all cases, the eggplant will retain its enormous health benefits, which extends to people of all ages. It’s nice that there are no contraindications to eating eggplants in food, and science knows very few cases when people have an allergy to this product.

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