Treatment and prevention of hyperhidrosis

For a long time, it was believed that people with excess weight suffer from increased sweating. It’s true. But even thin people often suffer from hyperhidrosis. Thin people often sweat their feet or hands. And it can go so far that the sweat will drain, almost by streams.

People who suffer from excessive sweating, do not help any deodorants, sprays and other cosmetics. Such a defect causes psychological problems in people. To get rid of hyperhidrosis, you need to find the cause of its occurrence.

Causes of the disease

The allocation of sweat is considered a normal physiological process. With then out of the body comes excess fluid, slag, harmful substances. In addition, a person sweats more in the heat or exercise. This process does not allow the internal organs to overheat. If the sweat is released and at rest, then you need to look for the reasons.

The main source of manifestation of hyperhidrosis is stress, relaxing massages can reduce the level of nervous system stress and reduce sweating.

1. Increased sweating can cause sharp and smoked food, alcohol and beer.

2. Sweat is more prominent during puberty or during menopause in women.

3. Diseases of a different nature.

Diseases that cause increased sweating

1. Vegeta-vascular dystonia.

2. Various kidney diseases, when urine stagnates in them.

3. Diabetes mellitus.

4. Tuberculosis of the lungs.

5. Endocrine and oncological diseases.

6. High blood pressure inside the skull.

Traditional methods of treatment

1. Effective means is the use of sedatives. They help to calm down and relieve nervous tension.

2. If you need to very quickly bring yourself into a beautiful view, then the following method will do. Armpits need to be washed and wiped with a slice of fresh lemon.

3. Pour a decoction of oats into the tub. You can regularly wipe the body with oat flakes wrapped in cheesecloth.

4. Make a decoction of chamomile. Add it to the bath and lie down. If the feet are sweating, then hold them for a while in the broth.

Prevention of hyperhidrosis

1. In hot weather, you need to drink a little liquid. The more a person drinks, the more he sweats.

2. You must wear clothes made of cotton or other natural fabrics.

3. Reduce the use of hot, hot dishes. Less to eat raspberries and honey.

4. Regularly shave the hair in the armpits.

5. Lose weight if you have extra weight.

6. Twice a week visit the Russian bath.

7. Use cosmetics and antidepressants.

To treat an excessive sweating it is possible with the help of medicines or surgical intervention. Such methods can be offered by the doctor after all the tests.

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