Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

An unfavorable outcome of pregnancy is likely if the infection occurred immediately before conception or already during pregnancy. Why is toxoplasmosis in pregnancy dangerous for a future mother and especially a baby? Infection and the infection itself pass asymptomatically, and infection through the placenta gets to the fetus. The disease develops in the shortest possible time, which has very serious consequences for the fetus – miscarriages and stillbirths.

What are the symptoms of congenital toxoplasmosis?

In most infected newborns, the disease is asymptomatic and the first signs can appear in months and even years. The most common disease is eye inflammation. What can lead to blindness in severe cases? Eye problems are often diagnosed only at school age. Loss of vision often occurs only after years. The consequences of intrauterine infection can also be hydrocephalus, microcephaly, deafness and mental retardation.

Can I be cured during pregnancy? Antibiotic drugs should be taken during the entire period of pregnancy.

How can infection be prevented?

• Eat only well-cooked meat dishes.

• Vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed.

• Protect yourself from flies, cockroaches, and other insects!

• Avoid contact with cats.

• Avoid contact with cat feces and potentially contaminated soil (garden, garden, playgrounds, parks).

Toxoplasmosis is a miniature, unicellular parasite of toxoplasma infection. Reproduction is possible only in cats, but the “intermediate host” can be any warm-blooded animal or human.

How can I get infected?

Through the digestive tract by contact with feline feces contaminated with soil, unwashed vegetables, fruits or meat of animals that may be intermediate carriers of the infection.

Symptoms? People with strong immunity usually go through without symptoms, only in 10-20% of cases the body temperature can rise, there will be a slight fever, night sweats, sore throat, muscle aches, and rash. The most common and often the only symptom is swelling of the lymph nodes. Nevertheless, an accurate diagnosis can be made only after the delivery of tests and the passage of all laboratory tests, since many other diseases cause similar symptoms.

Why is toxoplasmosis dangerous?

First of all, the infection affects people with weakened immunity (for example, patients after organ transplantation and AIDS patients) of pregnant women.

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