Top 5 most useful nuts

In ancient times, in the East, nuts were considered food available only to priests who believed that these amazing fruits could multiply the human mind and enhance his intellectual abilities. Today, nuts are called an invaluable treasure of all sorts of microelements, vitamins and other nutrients that have a beneficial effect on our body.

Although the value of nuts for human health today does not leave doubt, modern scientists say that the most useful nuts in the world are walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and peanuts. This “five” we will consider in our today’s publication.


The amazing properties of the walnut (walnut) were widely known in ancient times. Still, Avicenna and Hippocrates described in detail his healing effect and recommended to use this nut in diseases of the stomach, kidneys and as a powerful wound-healing remedy. Eastern healers argued that this nut perfectly strengthens the brain, liver and cardiovascular system. But modern scientists, examining the rich composition of walnut, called it “the tree of life.” And it is not accidental because this nut contains so many useful substances that it is even difficult to list them. This is vitamins, and alkaloids, and tannins, and a number of trace elements.

Modern research proves that walnut is very useful in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, it reduces the likelihood of developing cataracts and Alzheimer’s disease. It is also used as a powerful immunostimulant and as a preventative for dermatitis.

Today walnuts are so popular that they are included in a variety of dishes – from sweet desserts to meat dishes. They are also eaten raw. Also from them get rich in unsaturated fatty acids oil, which is rightly referred to as dietary products.


“Hard nut”, or hazelnut, as traditionally called a large hazel, is known to people from time immemorial. Still, our ancestors used this nut as amulets, protecting against evil forces and natural disasters. Today, hazelnut is called “male food”, and it is recommended to include it in the diet for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, anemia, varicose veins, and hypertension.

The most useful hazelnut in its raw form, however, real gourmets for giving a piquant taste often add this nut to vegetable dishes, salads, pasta, and confectionery.

Brazilian nut

The most delicious, according to many gourmets, and one of the most useful nuts, according to modern scientists, is considered to be the Brazilian nut. It is interesting that he is often called the nut of youth and beauty and one of the most useful nuts for women. This name is well-deserved Brazilian nut because it contains just a huge amount of selenium – an element that has a beneficial effect on the skin protects the tissue from premature aging and prevents the formation of cancer cells.

No less useful is the oil obtained from the Brazil nut, which has a powerful wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It also moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improves the complexion, strengthens the nails, returns the shine to the hair and helps to rejuvenate the skin cells.

And although the Brazil nut is incredibly useful for the human body, its disadvantage is the high caloric value (172 Kcal per 25 g). Therefore, do not abuse this nut people suffering from excess weight and obesity.


The bitter taste of almonds is known to many, but not everyone knows that this nut, which is home to Central Asia, is called a panacea for many ailments. Scientists have long proven that in the prevention of almonds it is advisable to use in hypertension, eye diseases, bile duct diseases.

Almonds contain a lot of useful substances, however, the distinctive feature of this nut is the high content of calcium in its composition, which is very important for the health of the bone and circulatory system. Also, almonds are rich in vitamin E, which is responsible for health, youth and beauty of the skin.

Almonds are also beneficial in the fight against excess weight. Due to the high content of healthy fats and fatty acids, it is able to quickly saturate the body and can become an excellent substitute for meat. It can be eaten raw, but traditionally almonds are served in fried or salted form. Often it is used as an additive to baking or sweets, but in the eastern countries, meat and rice dishes can not do without it.

And yet, almonds should be introduced into your diet carefully, because, like many other nuts, it is difficult to digest by the body. Therefore, nutritionists say that it will bring real benefits to almonds only if it is in its raw form and then no more than 50gr. in a day.


Strange as it sounds, but a few nuts peanuts, whose homeland is considered South America, can not only satisfy the hunger but also be very healthy. Thanks to the huge amount of antioxidants that are contained in peanuts, these nuts are an excellent preventive for cardiovascular diseases, malignancies, and gastritis.

Nutritionists include peanuts in the list of the most useful nuts for weight loss because peanuts are one of the few nuts that can be included in the diet during a diet. The fact is that in peanuts there are many proteins that can satisfy the feeling of hunger, and the optimal content of interchangeable and irreplaceable proteins in this nut contributes to good digestion of peanuts by the human body.

And yet, despite the abundance of useful properties of peanuts, nutritionists do not recommend abusing this product. After all, the high-calorie content of these nuts can cause overweight. In addition, excessive use of peanuts can provoke an allergy and a violation of digestive functions.

As you can see, any nuts contain a portion of useful substances in their composition. They are indispensable in the diet of modern man and can compete on an equal basis with the rich for vitamins and trace elements fruits and vegetables. But the main thing is that the most useful nuts are not such rare and exotic products that, in the opinion of these gourmets, have an amazing taste and can become a piquant addition to almost any dish.

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