The best posture for conception

Planning for pregnancy – a great thing. And the choice of poses for conception – one of the first thing to do. Later still need so many things to do and provide for: to pass examinations and to sign up for yoga, choose the appropriate creams from future stretch marks and the name in case of a boy or girl, a parachute jump and a good break away in the nightclub. All these things are important and necessary, but one thing – the mandatory, without it generally does not work – sex.

Kamasutra, whatever it was not “pop” in our time, the great work in the field of sexuality, love, and relationships. Worth reading, there is not only and not so many alone poses with pictures and other useful information.

Anticipating the question, answer: no, it is not written in Kama Sutra exactly which poses are best for conception. There are only ideas, traditions and assumptions scientifically not proven that ultimately boil down to the main recommendations:

Have sex as often as you can, by practicing any poses, time and place for maximum enjoyment, not focusing exclusively on the child’s conception.

Of course, a woman can get pregnant while having sex in any position, but if the desired result still no defined posture accelerate conception. The optimal frequency of sex for conception defined by the pair. Duration and intensity as well. Remember, if any of the proposed items for the conception does not like you or Partner of, inconvenient, uncomfortable or deliver a minimum of stress, do not need to continue to do them. After all, to conceive a child, a couple in the first place must be calm and balanced, to have sex for pleasure and enjoyment.

And yet, when the issue at stake in the long-awaited pregnancy, do not neglect any counsel. What is this poses for conception? Try them all! 🙂

Most poses for conception, as seen in the pictures, it is believed that a woman during sexual intercourse is. This is dictated by the structural features of the female genital organs.

Sperm is moving on their own, against the “flow”, unable, even, to avoid obstacles and to find the way to the egg. So that the laws of terrestrial gravitation least important in the conception, much more important than the depth of penetration.

After intercourse, do not hurry to jump out of bed and run to the shower. Relax, lie down, right now in women occurs race for life in the literal sense of the word, and not have to stop her. Also, remember that these postures are ideal for conception in which after completion of intercourse sperm can stay inside and do not leak.

Having sex for the purpose of conceiving a child is not recommended to engage in the sauna, hot tub, swimming pool or in the sea. It is also not recommended to use lubricants.

The most effective, in terms of conception – the first sexual intercourse, as at the first ejaculation of semen quality is much higher than in later times.

Ovulation Calendar – a very important thing, is a must for women, serious-minded conception. The favorable days you can work with and leave early because of the most active time of the sperm – 5 pm.

If the selected position for conception you like, but causes some discomfort, simply enclose a couple of pillows. It is very important to a woman during sexual intercourse was the most relaxed and felt comfortable. If a woman’s uterus is bent, the optimal posture for conception for it is the position on the stomach.

Despite the huge number of pseudo-scientific material on how best to conceive a girl or a boy, in fact, affect the parents simply can not. At all. Including the choice postures.

And yes, a woman an orgasm during sexual intercourse greatly increases the chances of conceiving! 🙂

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