What tea should be diluted with milk?

Many of us like to drink tea with milk, but is green or traditional black tea suitable for this? Experts in the field of healthy eating from Germany answered this question, and it was shocking.

Although tea with milk is considered a traditional English drink, it is popular in many other countries of the world. And in India, for example, it is almost impossible to meet tea without milk, and locals constantly combine these two drinks. But which is the best tea to dilute with milk – green or black? As soon as green tea first appeared on the shelves, it immediately began to move forward as a much healthier alternative. It is claimed that this drink has a positive effect on blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease since it contains more antioxidants.

Note that both types of tea have in their composition phenols and polyphenols – a group of plant molecules that are useful for health. Black tea, for example, relaxes the arteries, protecting the heart. It also regulates the function of enzymes and stimulates cellular receptors.

Any milk contains a protein casein, which interacts with tea polyphenols. And these completely incompatible ingredients negatively affect the protective function of the heart for phenols and polyphenols. That is why milk destroys tea, depriving it of healthy properties. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition do not recommend to dilute milk with tea. But what about those who are accustomed to enhance the taste of this drink?

Harmless to the components of tea will be the addition of honey. Also, tea only becomes healthier if you squeeze a little lemon into it.

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