Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Do you know what exactly is the key to a happy marriage? It turns out that one of the foundations of a happy marriage is the words “I love you”, which you need to say to your beloved person at least 10 times a week.

And do you know that in order for a marriage to be happy, you need to arrange meetings with your second half 3 times a month?

When the wedding has already taken place, and all the troubles are already over, the long-awaited family life comes. How to extend this happiness and make your marriage happy for years to come?

American researchers in the course of their experiment found out what exactly is the key to a happy marriage.

Say “I love you”

A detailed study in America, in which several thousand married couples took part, enabled scientists to find out what is the basis of a happy marriage.

The list of important details is headed by the words “I love you”, which a person needs to hear at least 10 times a week.

In addition, a loved one should receive at least 10 kisses and hugs a week to keep the marriage happy.

Dates, sex, and conversation

With regard to sex, according to statistics, sex 3 times a week is enough for a happy marriage.

In addition, it is very important, to be honest with your spouse, to share emotions and experiences.

The happiest couples have frank conversations, at least 10 times a month. Also, couples are advised to go to romantic places 3 times a month. You can go to a restaurant or just stroll along the street.

Hobbies and free time

According to scientists, drinking alcohol together with your beloved spouse is permissible 2 times a month. Also 2 times a month it is recommended to please each other with romantic surprises.

Spouses should spend in a month two evenings separately from each other – with friends.

At least 6 times a month, it’s worth lying around on the couch watching TV. Also, 2 times a year is to afford a small rest.

Finally, happy couples should have at least 3 common hobbies or interests.


Trust is the basis of a happy marriage and any close relationship with dear to us love. A happy marriage is based on trust, mutual respect, and sincerity.

If the spouses support each other, admit their mistakes and ask each other for forgiveness, solve problems and rejoice together, such a family will be happy for a long time.

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