How to restore the figure after giving birth

It’s no secret that every woman after birth wants to get old forms. During pregnancy, future moms gain extra pounds, and only a few without harm to health get a good figure back after giving birth. There are uncomplicated rules for quickly restoring the figure.

First of all, this is a correct and balanced diet

After leaving the hospital and after returning home, the woman’s diet varies drastically. You can not go on a diet! It is very important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables or products boiled in broth and steamed. It is absolutely necessary to forget about fried. From the diet of a young mother, you need to exclude foods such as grapes, cabbage, onions, and cucumbers, as they cause gas formation in children. Be sure to eat meat and meat dishes! But the use of products such as pasta and flour products, it is generally better to minimize. They are not only not useful, but also contribute to the appearance of excess weight. You must always remember that you need to eat in moderation.

The second rule is a plentiful drink

It is very important to drink about two liters of pure artesian or mineral water a day. This contributes not only to the improvement of metabolism but also to the increase in breast milk. Coffee, tea, fizzy drinks are better to exclude, because they are not useful, but also slow the process of restoring the figure.
The third rule is very simple: movement is life! Walking in the fresh air is extremely important in the postnatal period. It is necessary to walk at a fast pace with a stroller and no respites on the benches. According to experts, you need to walk with your child for at least three hours. It is useful for you and your child for good mood and well-being.

Do not forget about physical exercises

Most doctors tend to believe that physical activity is contraindicated in the postpartum period, but this is not entirely true. The period of recovery of the body after childbirth is 6-8 weeks with delivery without complications, and then you can start the exercises safely. Constantly nurse with the child, showing him the world around him – an excellent and just an indispensable burden for moms. As the baby grows and increases its weight, your load will also increase. You can even engage in a kind of gymnastics at home, using the child in this, for example, to roll it on legs or play a “horse”. This will help you restore the abdominal muscles, which during pregnancy weaken and lose their tone.

To bring the body into its former form will also help professional massage, with which you can get rid of extra pounds, stretch marks and just relax, which is so lacking for young mothers.

Do not forget one more of the main rules – it’s a healthy dream

It should last from six to eight hours. It is not always possible to get enough sleep, but we must try. A sleeping mother is always in a good mood. That in itself leads to a quick getting rid of excess weight.

If you comply with all of the above rules, then in a month you can lose 2-3 kilograms of excess weight. Do not even doubt that compliance with these rules can help you, without damage to health, to recover from childbirth and return the former figure.

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