The researchers found that babies cry in their mother tongue

When you only get the crumbs of his “hands on”, you are most concerned about issues of why the child is crying and what to do when the baby cries. Experienced parents already have their secrets, how to calm the baby. But they do not know everything about the child’s crying. It turns out that the baby is crying in their mother tongue!

German researchers have found that children begin to pick up the nuances of their parents’ accents in the womb. The researchers studied the cries of 60 healthy babies born to families speaking French and German.

French newborns cried with a rising accent, and the cries of the German infants were descending intonation.

In an article published in the journal Current Biology, they say the babies are likely to try to form a bond with their mothers by imitating them.

The findings suggest that even before birth, children are influenced by the sound of the first language that penetrates the womb.

Crying baby – each has its own melody

It was already known that fetuses can memorize sounds from the external world in the last three months of pregnancy (third trimester) and were especially sensitive to the melody in the music and the human voice.

Earlier studies have shown that infants can copy vowels spoken by an adult, but with only 12 weeks of age.

Team doctor Vermke recorded and analyzed the cries of 60 healthy newborns aged from three to five days. Their analysis revealed clear differences in the melodies of crying babies, which corresponded to their mother tongue.

“Newborns are highly motivated to imitate the behavior of his mother, in order to attract her and hence, enhance communication,” – says Kathleen Vermke, leader of the study, University of W?rzburg

baby crying study suggests that babies make sounds that are heard in the womb and that it is not an innate behavior.

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