How to reduce the pressure without medication during pregnancy

Even if you have never had high blood pressure, the pressure in the third trimester of pregnancy may increase, making the experience a lot of unpleasant moments. Tinnitus, headache, nausea – this is not all signs of high blood pressure pregnant.

If high blood pressure is within the physiological norm, it is not dangerous for the mother and her child, but higher can have serious consequences. Therefore, feeling unwell, be sure to contact your doctor.

Self-medication treatment during pregnancy is unacceptable, because many drugs, normalizes blood pressure, are contraindicated during pregnancy.

However, there are methods for short-term reduction in blood pressure during pregnancy.

Massage. Self-massage of the head, neck, collar area, abdomen, and front of the chest. Massage is performed by rubbing, kneading and stroking. A good result gives a massage blades and shoulder girdle. After the procedure, unwind and soak for 30-40 minutes.

Acupressure. To reduce pressure during pregnancy without medication, the pad of the thumb press on the point of connection of the spine with the headcount to ten and let go for a few seconds. Then repeat the manipulation again.

Massage with hot water. Well, it helps at high-pressure hot water jet directed in the neck and occipital region. Treatment time – 5 minutes.

Contrast foot bath. Lower leg alternately in the cold, then hot water for 2 minutes. The procedure is done within 20 minutes, finish with cold water.

Hot bath for hands. Reducing high blood pressure helps hot bath for hands. The water temperature should be about 45 ° C, the procedure – 10 minutes.

Juices. Reduce pressure during pregnancy helps pomegranate, birch, beet and cranberry juice. Also, help reduce pressure rowan berry juice, but it can not use more than 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day, or it can act as a laxative.

Water infusion of rose hips. Infusion of rose hips will not only reduce but also help fight edema during pregnancy. But be careful: if hypertension is contraindicated alcohol infusion of rose hips because it has the opposite effect – increases blood pressure.

Water, lemon, and honey. You can easily prepare a safe means for reducing the pressure in pregnancy from a glass of mineral water, a tablespoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Drink “Lemonade” is necessary for one step.

Holding your breath. With a sharp increase in pressure, try to relax and try to hold your breath as you exhale for 8-10 seconds for 3 minutes. This technique is able to very quickly reduce the pressure during pregnancy by 30 points.

Fresh air. At the first sign of a sharp rise in pressure, it is recommended to go out into the fresh air. The slow walk helps lower high blood pressure during pregnancy by 10-20 points for 30-40 minutes.

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