How to raise a child’s self-esteem

If you notice that the child is growing self-doubt and as the number of complexes increases, it is necessary to take certain measures, otherwise it will be difficult for the child to join the collective and feel comfortable in the company of peers.

Self-esteem in the child is formed, first of all, on the basis of the judgments of the parents. Do they say: “You are kind, smart,” “What a fine fellow you are,” or, on the contrary, they oppress the person of the little man with phrases: “You’re a slob,” “Why are you so naughty!”.

This exercise, which is also considered diagnostics, helps to correct the child’s behavior. It is simple in execution and does not take much time, but it is quite effective. The main thing is to do everything with a positive attitude. The exercise is called the Sun, and, having performed it with the child, you can see what the relation of the baby to itself is.

Mom takes a paper and a pencil and suggests drawing the sun, then asks the question: “Describe me the sun”.

And the child responds that it is yellow and good, and still warm and joyful.

Then my mother suggests giving a name to each ray. Let them also become warm and bright. And when everyone is named, Mom needs to say: “I believe that you are kind, warm and beautiful, just like these rays.”

This simple exercise will help increase the self-esteem of the child, but the main thing to remember is that one game is not enough for the baby to believe in himself. Praise is the main incentive for the child, and do not be stingy.

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