How to protect a teenager from drugs

Every parent worries about his child, this is a natural state, he always wants his own child to grow up to be obedient and worthy, and even more so that the child should avoid bad addictions, especially narcotic, because, as is known, getting rid of it is then very difficult , And the damage it does to the body is very strong. How to try to protect your child from drugs, is it possible at all, because you can not always be near your child, especially when the child enters adolescence and becomes more independent.

Tips for parents who will help protect the child from drug dependence

First of all, you need to talk about drugs. It’s not enough to say that this is bad for a child – it means nothing, he needs arguments. Do not avoid this topic. In any case, the existence of drugs sooner or later the child learns and better so that his parents explain everything to him in a competent language. Now there are a lot of books, articles, films that are devoted to the topic of drugs, from these sources it becomes clear how drugs work on the body, why they are considered dangerous, why they should be avoided. We need to try to use all opportunities for conversation, then it will be effective.

It is worth remembering that children do not perceive moralizing on the part of parents, they simply do not hear them, they are boring. It is much more correct to talk about your attitude to drugs, to argue your position, and the maximum is available for the child.

You need, to be honest with the child, that is, if parents once tried the drugs themselves, then it’s better to confess and tell about your experience, and also to tell you why it eventually came to the realization that it was harmful. The child will definitely be able to learn about it, he will assess parental honesty and such experience. If mom and dad never had anything to do with drugs, then this need to be told.

It is also important to understand the position of the child, so during the conversation you need to find out what he thinks about drugs in general. The conversation should take place in a friendly manner so that the teenager does not feel any pressure from the adults, it’s just a conversation.

It is necessary to explain to your child that most often people start to try drugs when they are influenced by other people, so you should carefully choose your friends and always have your clear point of view. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous when giving up drugs, because children are usually afraid of this, they do not want to get out of their company.

How to understand that a child started using drugs

Unfortunately, sometimes conversations are not effective enough, and in any case, one always needs to be on the alert and take care of your child to understand that he suddenly began to use narcotic substances. You can determine this on several grounds:

First, if a child in a room or in things has been found with accessories related to drugs, it is necessary to sound an alarm.

Secondly, often drugs have a specific smell, respectively, if the child uses them, then this smell will come from him.

Thirdly, the child immediately has a reaction to many things and behavior in general, it can be either more inhibited, then very active, then sad, then cheerful.

If it becomes obvious that the child has become acquainted with drugs, it is necessary to begin again with a conversation, with the explanation of the reason why he wanted to try these substances. And further treatment is better to entrust to a specialist, but it is important that the child himself is determined to get rid of addiction.

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