Than it is possible to replace antibiotics

Scientists in the field of medicine shared what antibiotics can replace. They published a list of natural analogs of these drugs.

Everyone knows what a harmful effect on the human body has chemical preparations. For many years scientists have tried to somehow weaken this effect, but have not succeeded in this. Because the researchers tried to find new methods of treatment without the use of antibiotics. This solution has become natural and harmless products, which are very easy to find.

The experts compiled a list of the strongest tablets substitutes, which included nine items. Echinacea – effective in treating colds. Garlic – has an antibiotic effect on the body. Propolis and vitamin C – fights against viruses and bacteria. Oregano – has a bactericidal effect. Astragalus – strengthens the immune system. Stone grapefruit and colloidal silver – have a bactericidal effect and kill fungi.

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