Parenting a teenager: a father to earn credibility?

The acquisition of his father’s authority in the eyes of a child, and especially the student – a very complex process. father’s relationship with the children, mothers, to work his skills – all part of his authority. But what is the authority of his father, and how to win it?

For the son of his father – a kind of an example, a model to follow. Without father or an equivalent male boy would not understand a responsible attitude to the family, to recognize the man as protector and guardian.

The girl perceives the relationship between the mother and father as a model or even a script for his future family life. Almost unconsciously she matured, she begins to look for a wife, like his father. Father helps the girl to behave more appropriately with the boys, to form a stable self-esteem. Therefore, the father’s authority in the eyes of school-age children is a very important component of their proper education.

But, unfortunately, in recent years the authority of his father fell significantly, due to a reduction of the share of its participation in family affairs. However, it is still the father – is the strength, intelligence and family support in everyday matters.

Hear criticism of their fathers, as a rule, can be heard due to the fact that men pay little time not only his wife but also children. Well Organized children’s activities, work to assist parents, children work on the acquisition of additional knowledge, etc.- father’s primary task.

Father of the family need not only for punishment and education but also to help children in almost all of their affairs, he must be a friend of the child.

The authority of the father should not be shown in punishing the child, but on the contrary, the father of the child should show awareness of the gravity of the act in relation to others and to himself. The authority is not to raise his voice and pick up the belt and to quietly and without unnecessary hysteria to analyze the situation and show your child demands so that he realized that it says his father once and for all.

Another important quality of a father who wants to be credible in the eyes of a child student – is the lack of fear of criticism from her child. After all, today’s students have other information opportunities, a lot of knows how what they do not know how their fathers. Parents who want to maintain credibility in the eyes of their children should also learn from them.

This father’s authority in the eyes of the student consists of:

1. parenting as best as possible: serious, sincere, simple.

2. Your life, work, behavior, influence the formation of the authority.

3. The interest of the child’s life. Kids love this attention and respect their parents.

In the life of each student it is that he does not know what to do in any given situation, then he needs advice. Maybe he did not ask for help, but you have to feel it and come.

To father was an authority in the eyes of the student and the child would like to communicate with my dad, we must remember that the basis for communication of parents with children is 6 principles that can be written in the form of a prescription.

This recipe can be a fundamental law of education of children in the family. Its content is about: to take a decision, add to it the recognition, mixed with a certain amount of parental love and availability, add their own responsibility, flavored loving paternal and maternal authority.

Love and Listen to your children.

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