How much water should I drink?

About how much water an adult should drink, write and say a lot. Do you know what daily rate of water a child has?

Water is a source of energy, strength, and health, and if a child drinks a little water, it feels sluggish, it is difficult to concentrate on lessons, memory, attentiveness worsens. Parents need to develop a habit among children of drinking clean water, then many health problems can be avoided.

The recommended mode of the child’s day is 5-10 years, taking into account the drinking regime:

  • In the morning, before eating, the child must drink a glass of drinking water (200 ml).
  • It is also necessary to drink a few sips of water on each break, in order to drink a total of 400 ml of water during school hours.
  • Immediately after the lessons – another glass of clean water.
  • When the child has had lunch, you need to wait 30 minutes and then drink 200 ml of water. It is also necessary to drink a glass of water after active physical exercises.
  • An hour before bedtime in the evening it is recommended to drink another glass of clean drinking water.

How to develop a habit among children of drinking enough water:

  • Children take an example from their parents, so adults also need to constantly take care of their water balance, encouraging children to do so.
  • Children love rituals. Start a “water” ritual – drink water immediately after awakening and before going to bed.
  • It is compulsory to give a child a bottle of water with him wherever he goes – to school, to walk, to the cinema, to sports classes.
  • Tell the adolescent children how the water balance affects the condition of the skin, hair, figure, in a word – their beauty, because for boys and girls in the transition age it is important.

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