Migraine in a child: what are their dangers and what are the consequences

Attacks a migraine can manifest themselves in childhood. Symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease can be detected even in a newborn. However, how to determine if a child has a migraine if he can not speak? The presence of a migraine may indicate shakiness when walking, pain in the tummy, vomiting, irritability, frequent hysterics, disappearing as suddenly as the beginning. In pre-school children, migraines are more affected by boys.

Is it possible to give children medicines for a headache?

A headache in children is diagnosed with a four-day or six-day monitoring. All this time, parents need to keep a diary of a headache, recording in it the degree, intensity, duration, time of the day in which the child complains of a headache, as well as changes in the behavior of the baby. After a thorough examination, the pediatrician or neurologist usually prescribes treatment or drugs that stop a headache in children. However, parents are often afraid to use the doctor’s prescription and do not give the child medication. Remember, do not do this! Do not let the child suffer a headache! Kids are prescribed non-dangerous low-potency drugs, which are very effective in stopping children’s headaches.

Is it possible to prevent a child’s headache?

The child has a headacheYes, but first, you need to determine with 100% accuracy why there is a headache in children, what are its etymology and causes. Any educated doctor will tell you that the correctly diagnosed diagnosis is 90% successful treatment. While the exact cause of the child’s headache is not established, you can change the mode of his nutrition. The diet should be exclusively healthy food. Make sure that during the day the child drinks a sufficient amount of liquid, especially in the summer months and after moving games. The above measures will help to avoid or at least reduce the intensity and frequency of a headache. The rest will depend on the results of the examination and the prescribed treatment.

A headache in a child: what to do?

If your child complains of a headache, the first thing to do is contact the pediatrician. If necessary, the pediatrician can refer you to a neurologist who will prescribe an additional examination, determine the cause of a headache in the baby and prescribe the necessary course of treatment. Today, there are many drugs that help to overcome a headache in children. Therefore, our advice to you as a parent. Do not be stubborn, listen to the opinion of the doctor, if you have additional questions, consult a specialist. And, most importantly, do not engage in amateur activities.

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