Why a man needs an Adam’s apple

Adam’s apple is called only cartilage protruding in the front of the thyroid gland.

According to a widely known belief, Adam’s apple was formed in Adam, when he bit off a piece of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. A piece of the fatal apple was stuck in the tempted in the throat, as a result of which a prominent protrusion appeared on its front part.

Anatomical features

In fact, this cartilage is also found in women. Just the ladies it is located at a more obtuse angle than gentlemen, so it is not noticeable. In young men during puberty, active production of testosterone begins. This hormone affects the formation of a special form of the skeleton, developed musculature and increased “hairiness” of the strong half of humanity.

Testosterone also affects Adam’s apple. In small boys, the thyroid cartilage is not noticeable, as in girls. As you grow older, the shape of his upper part changes, which is why Adam’s apple appears. During this process, the young men are experiencing the same breaking of the voice, which causes them so much inconvenience. All these processes are controlled by testosterone.

What is it for?

The main function of Adam’s apple is to block the windpipe when a person eats. Cartilage thus protects a person from suffocation during meals. This process can be noticed during swallowing: Adam’s apple rises when a person swallows a piece of food or a portion of the liquid, and then goes down, releasing the respiratory throat for inspiration. In women, everything works the same as men do.

The auxiliary function of Adam’s apple is to participate in the formation of sounds. Since cartilage is associated with the larynx, it affects the formation of high and low sounds in the speech process. The higher the sound produced by the ligaments, the higher Adam’s apple rises, lightly closing the laryngeal lumen. The lower Adam’s apple, the lower the sound. Thus, the second function of this organ is voice-forming. Curved due to testosterone at an acute angle of cartilage forms a low voice, which men are famous for.

It is interesting that during a series of operations to change the sex of a woman’s Adam’s apple is removed. Thanks to this, a new woman has a higher voice, which is perceived by others as female. Proceeding from this, we can confidently say that Adam’s apple is an indispensable attribute of masculinity, which clearly indicates the sex of the individual. The more a man has in the body of testosterone, the more prominent his Adam’s apple is.

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