Do give babies water? Expert opinion

Lee babies drink the water – depends on the “menu”

“If a child is on artificial or mixed feeding, then it certainly should be offered water between feedings” – said Tatiana Fil. The child should not be hungry, but immediately after a meal to give your child can not drink. If the child is exclusively breastfed until 6 months of age dopant it is not necessary, because all the necessary liquid it receives from the mother’s milk. The natural system is configured so that when the ambient temperature increases the volume of milk front (in fact – liquid) increases.

A child between regular feedings begins to be applied to the chest with the aim to have a drink, in turn, my mother increases the need for drinking water. That’s why in hot weather nursing mother should consume clean water is much larger than in normal mode. ” It is important to pay attention to the condition of the baby. If his body temperature rises due to heat or illness, sinks fontanelle, dry mouth – it should be more often applied to the chest. Since then, the parents begin to introduce solid foods a child breastfed in parallel be sure to begin to offer the child a drink.

How and what drink babies

If the child is nourished from a bottle, the water and it can be given from the same, his usual bottle. If you finish feeding the baby while breastfeeding continues, then the child should be dopant the method, which is introduced supplementation: dosage spoon, cup and so on..

Particular attention should be paid to what you point baby. Due to the fact that the newborn kidney is still not sufficiently developed, kids are very sensitive to an excess of mineral salts. Therefore recommends expert of water with low mineral without gas.


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