How to get rid of a headache without pills

A headache is very familiar to many. Most often it affects people aged 15 to 60 years.

Hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, stress, bad habits – all this can provoke the development of a headache.

In addition, the headache can talk about the deficit of some nutrients or about certain chronic diseases.

As a rule, headaches appear from time to time in the form of pulsating pain from one or both sides of the head. In this case, there may be a feeling of anxiety, apathy, fatigue, and also short-term visual disturbances.

Usually, pain is relieved by analgesics, but this can be done with natural remedies.

With a headache, the following tips will help.

– Apply fresh cabbage leaves to the head.

– Take fresh vine juice.

– Juice fresh potatoes take a quarter cup with systematic headaches.

– To drip almond oil on 3-5 drops in each ear, then to plug up an ear vat koji.
It is used for noise in the head, acute pain or hardening of sulfur in the ears.

– A good remedy against a headache – mint. You can put fresh mint leaves on your forehead and bandage.

– Insist grass on the vodka for 8 days, strain, squeeze, rub the whiskey, forehead, the back of the head.

– With headaches, nausea, a tincture of cut mint leaves is made: 1 part of the leaf per 20 parts of 70% alcohol, infuse for 1 week. Take 10-15 drops.

– Remove the fresh lemon peel from the white substance, attach it to the temple with a damp side and hold for 10-15 minutes. There is a red spot that burns and itches. A headache “leaves”.

– Make a good brew of green or black tea, add a pinch of mint. To drink a glass of such tea, and in 15-20 minutes the pain will pass.

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