Five drinks that protect against heart disease

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, as is commonly assumed today, are partly genetically determined. However, this does not mean that a person can not do anything about them. With the right way of life up to the venerable age, your heart will be guaranteed to work properly.

However, in addition to giving up what you do not need to eat, it is also important to know what to eat. British scientists decided to make a list of five drinks that most effectively protect us from heart disease.

1. Water

It would seem strange, but water is the main of our health. When in your body it is not enough, your blood thickens, resulting in the heart has to put much more effort to deliver it to all corners of the body. As a result, the risk of coronary heart disease and all other diseases of the cardiovascular system several times jumps.

2. Green Tea

Like black, it is rich in antioxidants, which protect us from inflammatory processes, prevent the formation of free radicals, which protects us from oncology and cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants are also found in black tea, but in green tea, they are much more effective, which has been proven in a number of studies in recent years.

3. Red wine

Red wine contains many cardioprotective compounds, which you in such quantity will not find anywhere else. This resveratrol, and polyphenol, which lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots. There is also strong evidence that regular consumption of red wine in small amounts helps to increase the level of so-called good cholesterol, which protects our blood vessels and heart from damage.

4. Pomegranate juice

Until recently, pomegranate juice was not on this list, but scientists from California investigated its antioxidant potential. As a result, it was three times higher than green tea and red wine. In addition, pomegranate juice has a calming effect, lowers blood pressure and improves overall blood circulation.

5. Coffee

Despite the numerous myths on this occasion, coffee is a life-saving product. According to a number of studies, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced by 20% -40% with the regular use of this drink.

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