Fainting: causes and help

Fainting is characterized by loss of consciousness for a short time. Most often the course of things develops as follows: a state of dizziness, stuffiness, imaginary intoxication, then there may be a ringing in the ears, the skin becomes covered with a cold sweat, darkens in the eyes, and only after that the person begins to fall smoothly (a rapid drop occurs only with epilepsy).

Causes of fainting

Fainting is triggered by transient ischemia of the brain, in which case it is poorly supplied with blood and, accordingly, is not actively saturated with oxygen. Some ladies say that they dream in a faint, and after recovering themselves, they do not understand for some time what happened to them, losing their orientation in time and space.

Most often, fainting occurs in women, especially in those who suffer from hypotension. Loss of consciousness can be triggered by staying in a stuffy room, overwork, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, severe shock, negative emotions, alcohol consumption. But most often, fainting is the result of several of these or other factors.

First aid with fainting

First of all, to check a person out of the unconscious state, one must check the pulse on the carotid artery. Then you need to put the patient in a horizontal position or lower your head. This is necessary for the blood to flow more actively into the brain. It is very desirable to take the victim to fresh air and let him inhale the vapor of ammonia.

You can try to get a person out of the unconscious position by putting enough pressure on significant points, for example, pressing on the notch located between the upper lip and the septum of the nose.
At first glance, there is nothing terrible in fainting, however, if a loss of consciousness has happened more than once, then this should be considered. Doctors say that repeated unconscious states are a consequence of vascular insufficiency.

There are several kinds of fainting. The most common are vasovagal, arising from fatigue, malnutrition, stress and being in a stuffy room. Often, there is an orthostatic fainting, which can occur due to a change in the position of the body: when trying to get up, previously being in a “sitting” or “lying”

It happens that fainting happens in adolescents. This is due to age changes, continuous growth. Sometimes, older people (mostly men) lose consciousness, and the carotid artery is too sensitive. Fainting with them can happen with a massage, an unsuccessful turn of the head, pulling the neck too tight a collar, etc. Such conditions are quite dangerous since they can lead to a stroke and death.

If the patient comes to, again and again, loses consciousness, it can mean that he has internal bleeding. In such a turn of events, in no case should you try to put on the victim’s feet: let him remain in a horizontal position until the arrival of an ambulance.

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