What diseases cause loneliness?

As it turned out, loneliness at times increases the risk of many diseases. It becomes an indirect and direct cause of heart attacks, dementia, hypertension. It has long been noted that people who are socially active, content with their lives, sleep much better, noticeably slower aging and respond better to treatment in case of illness – they are more likely to recover compared to their lonely fellow sufferers.

Constant loneliness is also harmful to health, obesity, excessive craving for liquor, like smoking. So say some experts. And we can not disagree with them – for a long time the detrimental impact of loneliness on people who were originally built, as social individuals, accustomed to living not alone, has been known.

Psychologists from the US say that even a short stay away from family and friends raises blood pressure and weakens the human immune system, especially when he is aged. It has been established that single people are more likely to suffer from insomnia and are more vulnerable to dementia.

“Probably, this is the main discovery from the field of human behavior,” the expert from the United States is sure. “People who have a rich social life and a warm, open relationship, do not get sick and live longer.” This situation is explained by the fact that lonely people often do not follow themselves, for their health – they have an irresponsible strip of apathy.

It has also been stated that in single people genes that participate in inflammatory reactions and in the cortisol signaling system, as well as immune cells associated with pathogenic bacteria, have an excessively high activity. It turns out that people who find themselves in social isolation, the immune system involved in healing wounds and fighting bacterial infections, begin to act in a state of extreme activity – such people (“lonely wolves”) can not count on anyone and their body begins to mechanically include all protective Blocks and actively resist viruses transmitted between people in close contact.

It is important to understand that loneliness is assessed by the very self-perception of a person – after all, staying among strangers in all senses of people can be even worse for the human body, which will find an endless feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction, perhaps fear and expectation of aggression.

Although lonely people can start treating other people only as a source of danger. These conclusions and analysis are quite important in the modern world, in which people arbitrarily condemn themselves to loneliness, preferring to communicate via the Internet.

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