How to cope with postpartum depression?

Birth of a child – it is always a joyful event for every woman. But, a new social role, suddenly there are new obligations and responsibilities are not always easily perceived vulnerable female psyche, underwent such a shock, as the birth of a child. Plus – unstable hormonal status, lack of sleep and incessant stress – all this quite often leads a woman into a state of depression. How to cope with postpartum depression, you will learn from this article.

1. Support for husband

In our culture, there are many behavioral patterns. As a result, this leads to a misallocation of burden – emotional and physical. At that time, the women are suffering labor pains, do not sleep at night with the kids, men tend to get drunk with friends, marking the birth of the child. But this is the worst that man can do for his family in such a crucial moment. The ideal option for preventing postpartum depression are partnerships generations – let my husband there with you from the beginning and it will be all the way hand in hand with the closest people to him. This is the basis of psychological well-being.

2. Do not be silent

If you could not bring her husband to the presence at birth, in any case, it is not necessary to keep all their feelings in me. Tell me, tell me about their feelings and experiences – Remove restrictions on the emotions. Find someone to whom you can pour out his heart, and who, with understanding react to your condition. But, avoid the hypocrites who believe depression whim “muslin ladies”, and believe that a strong woman should not allow a “limp”. Do not listen to this nonsense. These people reject the physiology of the female body, and scientists have proven physiological nature of post-natal depression.

3. Refer to the psychologist

After reading this paragraph, many women are now probably thinking, “the author, what do you know of motherhood – we have no time to be a psychologist.” But it does not mean you have to drop everything and rush to the consulting room. Today, you can consult with a specialist on the internet, and do it absolutely free.

4. Take your vitamins

Pregnancy, new responsibility, a baby crying and feelings for his health – it is a huge burden on the woman’s nervous system, so postpartum depression is the result of exhaustion of the nervous tissue. It has not come out to solve the problem of psychological methods – need replenishment and restoration of nerve tissue. This can help the B vitamins – they facilitate the resumption of the nervous system. Most of these drugs are complex – consult with a neurologist, and he will prescribe the most appropriate based on your individual characteristics of the organism.

5. Get enough sleep

Each newly-fledged mom has to radically change your sleep and wakefulness, adapting to an unpredictable baby. Therefore, chronic sleep deprivation – this is the standard condition for infants mom. It reduces stress, weakens the nervous system and the body’s defenses. Therefore, for the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression need to force yourself to sleep as much as possible, so that the body time to recover.

Enlist the support of loved ones, ask for help and insist on the participation of the Pope in the activities of baby care products. Only a strong man’s shoulder, an adequate approach and a sense of emotional support to help women cope with the difficult conditions and to enjoy his new role.

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