What does the child’s favorite color

You paid attention to the color in which your baby is most likes to draw or paint a children’s coloring books for girls and boys? Children are often tied to a specific color, and is, according to psychologists, it displays the features of the person.

If you want to know the exact meaning of the child’s favorite color, you should go through with your child the appropriate test. This involved psychologists – chrome therapists.

One of the most popular color tests is Dr. Max Luscher test which has developed the simplest method for determining the psychological state of man in his preferred colors.

What does the child’s favorite color

1. Blue

Love of blue shades displays pacified character. Typically, these children rarely capricious love contemplate and quiet addicting games, such as the designer.

2. Yellow

The kid who loves yellow is set to win a huge life. This color childhood choosing leaders, future businessmen, politicians – powerful people. Amateur yellow smart, he imagination. Often, these children love to fantasize. They are obedient but very dreamy. Yellow – one of the best children’s elections, testifies to the favorable atmosphere at home and at school

3. Pink

Many girls love pink. This suggests femininity, trembling emotion. Pink girlish toys manufacturers exploit, so the girls love him understandable. But if a boy likes the color pink, cheerleaders: this choice generally shows weakness, uncertainty, search, isolation.

4. Red

Lovers of red are very expressive. Attachment to this color indicates the independent character, leadership, the desire for popularity and praise. These children are very energetic, mobile, purposeful. They are easily trained, quickly begin to read and write.

5. Orange

It is the favorite color of born optimists. These children are open, cheerful and talkative. Small orange lover has a wide range of friends, easily comes in contact with adults, it causes excitement surrounding his bold directness. In some cases, love for the orange color is caused by nervousness. Such children are impressionable, and the most insignificant little thing can cause them hysterical.

6. Green

If the child likes to light green hue, this suggests calmness and optimism. Such children are endowed with profound intelligence, they have developed imagination and analytical mind. But if a child prefers a dark green color, on guard: usually love it closed children who feel misunderstood in their environment.

7. White

White like the observational and at the same time shy kids. Such children have developed emotional intelligence – they sensibly analyze everything that happens around. Favorite white color in a child is often indicative of an innate talent for philosophical reflection. Such children have a rich inner world, they are spiritually developed, but much more closed than peers.

8. Purple

Purple color – the child developed imagination, intuition, vulnerability, sensitivity, emotional and intellectual immaturity. These children are very vulnerable, most in need of support and encouragement.
Give your child into the hands of colored pencils, markers or paint and ask them to draw a picture. Note color set should be complete. It was found that children prefer certain colors are not accidental.

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