The child feels ugly: what to do?

In the world has its own beauty, even the seemingly unsympathetic man can be a very pleasant and charming. It would seem that it is clear truths that do not require explanations and evidence. In general, yes! But not for everyone.Adults having experiences, beliefs, their view of the world can talk for hours about that ugly people do not exist, that each is incorporated something special, but with teenagers completely different situation.

Watching Hollywood movies, photo shoots of stars, they begin to hate themselves for what they are not yet perfect, the girls and the boys “on the cover.” Many of them hate themselves so that flow from this depressed, try to experiment on their appearance. What to do if your child feels ugly? How to help him get rid of teenage complexes?

Why does a child feel ugly?

the preschool child is not able to assess their appearance. Any compliments parents or friends help him to believe that he is attractive. When the child grows up and finds himself in the school team, he begins to compare itself with other children and with unattainable images from television and magazines.

From this moment and the problems begin. For comparison, the child is not always in his favor, and if more classmates teased him because of a too long nose, and my parents never told him that he was their most beautiful, then – provided facilities.

For a child who feels ugly, there is the collapse of all ideals, such a child is closed from the world, he avoids contact, trying to be invisible to society, avoid contact with the opposite sex. As a result, the child develops depression and dissatisfaction with life. In this situation, it has never needed help from their parents.

How to help your child?

1. Try to increasingly focus on the child’s appearance, emphasizing its positive aspects. For example, you can say to his son, a teenager, he is now very similar to my dad as a young man, his father looked the same was as beautiful as it is now when you met him and fell in love.
2. Explain to your child that beauty – is a complex concept, it is not limited to the color of eyes, hair, nose size or width of the waist. Beauty – a state of mind, it is the energy that comes from a man.
3. Get together with your child before the mirror and tell it on the positive side of his appearance, and compare them with their characteristics, find similarities.
4. Teach your child to love yourself for what it is because the other is not. Explain that each person – is the whole world, and the canons of beauty – it’s just the standards imposed by time. Invited him to see a photo of beauty standards in different years, so he realized that the attitude to appearance is very variable.
5. Help your child to find the style of dress that would help hide the flaws of his appearance and emphasize the dignity.
6. Tell him to your friends and relatives who seemingly far removed from the ideals of modern beauty, but they are very cute, charming and successful people.
7. You can also tell your child that many stars that he is now admired, which is trying to be like at his age were completely dissatisfied with their appearance. For example, Julia Roberts completed because of too much mouth, Uma Thurman, due to the high growth, Beyonce for completeness, and so on.
Be attentive to your teen, be interested in his affairs, watching his mood, try to be a friend to your child that he knew that in any situation he can count on your support and advice.
Understanding you with a child!

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