What can not be given to children for breakfast

Breakfast – this is perhaps one of the most important meals, so it should be as useful and balanced as possible. Read that you can not give your child in the morning.

1. Breakfast cereals

Children are very fond of various flakes in the sugar glaze and chocolate balls, like them and adults, since it is quick and convenient – poured milk and breakfast are ready. But how useful is it?

American scientists believe that in ready-made breakfast cereals there are practically no useful substances, but sugar is in abundance. Experts checked over 80 brands of popular cereal flakes and concluded that the sugar content in a serving of honey flakes is 56% of the total weight of the product in the pack.

The perfect alternative to dry breakfasts will be porridge. If the child is not a connoisseur of this dish, pamper it with homemade granola. You will need nuts, seeds, dried fruits, honey. All this must be mixed and baked in the oven.

2. Raw vegetables and fruits

Nobody argues about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, but whether it is worth eating coarse fiber in the morning is a question. The fact is that it irritates the gastric mucosa, which can cause pain, heaviness and bloating.

Refusing an apple or a peach for breakfast is not worth it, it will be more appropriate to add pieces of fruit to the porridge or give them to the child after the main meal. An important rule: pear, citrus, and banana should not be given to a child who did not yet have a crumb in his mouth. In the pear, a lot of fiber, so eat it better in an hour or two after breakfast.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt and other sour-milk products should be left for the evening since in the morning they will not bring the desired benefits. The fact is that, for example, in yogurt, live bacteria that normalize the intestinal microflora and help digest the food that enters the body. If yogurt is eaten on an empty stomach, then these bacteria will quickly fall into the aggressive acidic environment of the stomach and die before they can reach the intestine.

4. Curd products

Under this description, there are various sweet curd masses and curd cheese curds. The content of useful cottage cheese in them is insignificant, but the enhancers of taste and sugar are added in excess.

Curd cheese can be given to a child as a dessert after the main meal, but as a full breakfast, it will not work.

5. Fresh pastries

Hot bread rolls and bread on an empty stomach harm digestion. Fresh pastry leads to increased gas production, swelling, and heaviness in the stomach. It is better to offer the baby a roll for a mid-morning snack if he likes to indulge in buns.

6. Sandwiches

Favorite breakfast for adults and children. With cheese, sausage, butter – it seems that sandwiches can be made from anything. But this is not the best option for breakfast.

Canadian scientists have found that high caloric value of sandwiches with ham and cheese complicates the work of the circulatory system. Over the years, this leads to an increase in fat on the walls of the arteries. Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that sandwich lovers risk getting atherosclerosis.

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