What you can not eat in the morning

We all know the rules of good nutrition at night. They are generally very simple: do not eat at night and all. But what are the rules of nutrition in the morning, taking into account the recommendations of many nutritionists that breakfast should be satisfying and dense, especially in the winter?

Under the strictest taboo of the rules of healthy nutrition is coffee: it can not be drunk on an empty stomach! Otherwise, stomach diseases will not keep you waiting. But also to postpone the traditional cup of coffee at a much later time of the day is also undesirable. Time for coffee until 13.00 and no later. It is best to drink it in 30-40 minutes after eating. And with sugar or sweet cookies, dried fruits and other similar sources of carbohydrates. The fact is that coffee very strongly stimulates brain activity, which immediately begins to feel the need for energy. And the only source of energy for the brain is carbohydrates. If you drink coffee and do not give yourself carbohydrates at the same time – the brain will be very uncomfortable.

In the morning, it is undesirable to eat meat. The gastrointestinal tract, like the whole organism, is “sleepy” in the morning and heavy food like meat, very heavily loads it. The best time for meat is lunch. Eaten at lunchtime the meat perfectly strengthens the physical strength and improves the concentration of the brain.

The rules of healthy nutrition are also forbidden on an empty stomach to eat any fresh, especially with a high content of vitamin C. But oatmeal with its mildly enveloping stomach mucus, and after 40 minutes – fresh from the same citrus – what you need. You will regularly violate this rule – get gastritis.

Do not eat on an empty stomach yogurt. It’s not that harmful, but useless. Yogurts are known to be very useful precisely because of the high content of beneficial bacteria in it. But on an empty stomach, the concentration of gastric juices is too high, which is quite aggressive with regard to acid-milk bacteria. Therefore, yogurt, eaten on an empty stomach, will not be harmful, but useless.

The rules of healthy nutrition are very advised to start all day with “washing the stomach”, that is, with a glass of clean (or slightly sweetened honey) water. This is really very useful: a glass of water “flushes” all the excess from the walls of the stomach and prepares it to take a fresh portion of food. Very useful for such a small “shower” and for the intestines – water rinses his stench, improves defecation.

However, all of the above applies only to warm water, close to body temperature. A glass of cold (and God forbid – ice) water will have the opposite effect. Cold drinks cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. And in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract, cold drinks, drunk on an empty stomach, can cause an exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, cold fluid leads to narrowing of the stomach vessels, which worsens the local blood circulation and the process of digestion of food. There is even evidence that cold drinks, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, can provoke malfunctions of the menstrual cycle in women. Drink the water warm! This, after all, is much nicer than cold water on a warm body from sleep.

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