Can you get pregnant during menstruation?

Can you get pregnant during menstruation – a question that interests me very much – during menstruation me downright chilly for sex.

I looked for the Old in this connection in the network – whether it is possible to get pregnant before menstruation, during or immediately after?

Spread that I found and their views on the offer and poll – is there anyone among us who could get pregnant this way?

Sex during menstruation

For a long time the question “is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?” I was not particularly worried because sex did not exist in those days. For some unknown reasons, I did not think possible. And as luck would have me in their courses all excited incredible! So I should not have to restrain myself and tormented himself and her husband to have sex with a regular partner can be a favorite, it is! Doctors do not recommend sex during menstruation: it is possible to catch something or get an inflammation of the vagina or appendages (because the cervix is slightly open these days and the risk of penetration of microorganisms into the uterine cavity is very high). But if your partner is not sick with any infectious disease – that sex during menstruation is quite possible to afford.

Can you get pregnant during menstruation?

The question “Can I get pregnant before menstruation” is not less important than “Can you get pregnant during menstruation.” It is estimated that 2-3 days before menstruation relatively safe for pregnancy. The same goes for 2-3 days, and the period of menstruation. But doctors warn that you can become pregnant and during menstruation, both before and after them. There is no guarantee that this will not happen is with you!

First, the sperm retains their activity for a week after being hit in the vagina. Second, the egg can mature until the mid-cycle and after ovulation can be shifted, so that you can get pregnant, and before and after, and during menstruation. So if you suddenly changed the cycle, it should be on the alert: you can easily get pregnant due to sex during menstruation. In general, it is possible with a high probability of getting pregnant during menstruation, when the monthly cycle and the general regularity of the same.

Ideally, it is believed that ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, but very many women (including me), there is the so-called individual, irregular cycle. Now I have ovulation can occur and on the 10th and on the 12th day.

So on reflection brains, I understand that in these months, you can get pregnant, and in the last days of menstruation. More often than not you can get pregnant in the last days of menstruation, which in themselves are output unfertilized egg. And if in the first days of the month the possibility of pregnancy is practically reduced to zero due to the copious discharge of blood, and extremely unfavorable for sperm environment, in the last days of protracted periods, especially in case of violation of the menstrual cycle, the probability of preserving sperm increases, and consequently, become pregnant during this monthly period, you can!


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