The best products for blood purification

Many vegetables, fruits, and spices that we eat every day have the ability to purify the blood. If you need to cleanse the blood, just eat them more often, says the founder of the well-known health system Nishi Katsudzo in the book “The formula for vascular and capillary health: a new healing system.” You can try out unusual products – it is likely that you will like them. For example, you can extinguish the finely chopped roots of burdock (gobo) in a vegetable stew – your household will eat it with pleasure and tangible health benefits. You can add a tenth of the flour from the root of burdock to the baking flour – pies from this will only become rouge.


Carrots we eat almost every day, but to improve the composition of blood is very useful carrot juice. You need to drink it one glass a day later. A large amount of juice, drunk in one day, can paint the skin in a yellowish color, as with jaundice. After stopping the reception of the juice, the skin color is restored.

Carrots for the improvement of blood composition are eaten fresh in salads dressed with oil (carrot vitamins are better absorbed in the presence of fats), as well as cooked or stewed. Children very much like carrots puree, if you add to it pumpkin puree and mashed potatoes with spinach – you get a “traffic light” made of mashed potatoes. It helps to improve the blood composition of jam from carrots. But everything is good in moderation, and carrots – even more so. Do not eat it more than 300 grams per day (unless, of course, your body does not require increased portions).


Well cleanses the blood salad from raw grated beets, slightly salted and seasoned with vegetable oil. Stewed, fried and boiled beets also purify the blood. It raises hemoglobin, especially eaten raw (but not recommended for a sick stomach).

Daily use of beets is allowed only for purification purposes, and no more than seven consecutive days and in an amount not exceeding 50 grams per day. It is best to limit beet consumption two days a week.

Beet juice also works well for cleansing blood – it is better to use the freshly squeezed juice for 20-30 grams per day. Juice from beets can be sour and make cold soups on it in the summer. Sour beets are used less often.


Pumpkin, a plant well known to the whole world, is indispensable for cleansing the body and blood, increases the human resistance to a lack of oxygen. Its juice and pulp can be consumed in almost unlimited quantities. Especially recommended salads from the raw pumpkin in combination with raisins. Kampyo – the dried pumpkin cut into strips – is used when the fresh pumpkin ends or in the case of cooking a dish according to a special recipe.


Tomatoes, it turns out, are very useful for purifying blood and treating anemia. One glass of tomato juice a day helps improve blood composition. With cholelithiasis, there are tomatoes are not recommended, they can cause gallbladder spasm. For a healthy
A person is enough to eat 200 grams of tomatoes to preserve health.

Horseradish and garlic

Perfectly cleans the blood of horseradish, especially it is useful to women over 40 years of age. One teaspoon of grated horseradish per day will help stabilize the properties of blood and will save you from bleeding.

Garlic has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, restores small blood vessels. It is very good to add garlic to everyday food – it purifies blood and lymph, and has a rejuvenating effect. It is enough to eat a day or two of garlic cloves.


Leek is famous for its ability to purify blood and remove harmful substances from the body. It contains a lot of protein, microelements, and vitamins. When it is included in the diet, it prevents the development of many diseases, including rheumatism and gout. He was highly esteemed by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for their ability to maintain human health.

Pepper and parsnip

Red sweet pepper stimulates blood and cleanses the blood. In its fresh form, it is used in salads, added to the first dishes, stuffed and stewed.

In the past, instead of potatoes, they ate parsnips, which is of great benefit to health. Pasternak (root crop) gives the body a charge of vivacity, increases vitality, purifies blood and improves blood formation. Pasternak put in soups, make it mashed, add to salads with cucumbers and tomatoes.

Plums and hazelnuts

One of the best means, cleansing the blood, serve plum umeboshi: salted, dried in the sun and seasoned for a year.

Hazelnut – not only loved by many delicacies, its nuts contribute to the strengthening of blood, strengthening of the circulatory system, improving cardiac activity, increasing immunity and increasing the vital forces of the body. Elderly people use so-called nut milk, which they do by rubbing nuts in a mortar and gradually adding a little water.

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