Benefit and harm of chicory

The use and harm of chicory excite people when they meet the product on the store counter. Many are accustomed to drinking chicory instead of coffee in the morning. He cheers up, charges with vivacity and gives strength to a new day. Let’s see where he has such useful properties.

This benefit of chicory is due to the high content of useful vitamins and minerals. It contains many vitamins of group B, C, E, proteins, fats, pectin, tannins, and salt. The presence of a bouquet of useful substances suggests that chicory has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, eliminates dysbacteriosis, heart, and vascular disease.

The use of chicory manifests itself in the ability to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and treat anemia. Grass helps to cope with diabetes and overweight, as it lowers blood sugar levels.

The use of chicory

In ancient times, chicory was used to improve digestion, treat eye diseases and even as an antidote. Now the root of chicory finds application as an anti-inflammatory, soothing, sugar-reducing, anthelmintic remedy in medicine. The use of chicory is invaluable if you need to knock off the heat or apply some choleretic.
It is noteworthy that the roots of chicory can be consumed by pregnant women and children (over 3 years old). This is its main difference from coffee, which is more harmful than chicory. Usefulness of chicory perfectly removes heartburn, clears the body of toxins, increases the number of red blood cells (red blood cells) in the blood.

The use of chicory is used for skin diseases, for example, to cure eczema, furunculosis, dermatitis. To do this, the root of the plant is mixed with water and applied for half an hour a day. Healing plant has wound healing effect.

Harm to chicory

The harm of chicory can occur in people who suffer from diseases of the nervous system, hemorrhoids, gastritis, as well as who has varicose veins.

Caloric content of chicory in 100 grams is 21 kcal. Therefore, before drinking chicory, consult a doctor if you can take medicinal herbs. Chicory is harmful to children who are obese, and those who have not yet turned 3 years old. Because of the influence on the nervous system, chicory with caution is used by people with the unsteady psyche.

The use and harm of chicory are still a hot topic for discussion among specialists. The herb is medicinal, therefore it should be treated as a medicine – do not use for a long time and before visiting the doctor, it will confirm that the chicory in small quantities will benefit you.

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