Than bananas are useful for women?

Doctors recommend using bananas more often for women because for them this fruit can bring considerable benefit.

Cleaning the body at the cellular level. Speaking about bananas, it is necessary to note their unique ability to purify the body of toxins and toxins, reports A similar effect is ensured by the maintenance in them of a delicate fiber, which is very rich in a pulp.

If a woman eats a banana every day, she begins to look especially attractive. The skin is less visible wrinkles, and it begins to shine as in youth. All this is provided by the action of group B vitamins, which are presented in a complete set in bananas.

Still bananas are a source of vitamin E, which promotes the renewal of skin cells. Then even fatigue will not provoke the appearance of wrinkles on the face. And, watching this effect, a woman longer to remain cheerful. The use of bananas is a good way to get a portion of optimism.

Prophylaxis of oncological diseases. To help avoid the appearance of these diseases, bananas can be due to the content of carotene, which positively affects the health of hair, nails, and skin. The combination of carotene and vitamin B turns into a real youth elixir, which is very effective in fighting cancer cells.

Treatment of a headache and prevention of a migraine. Women are much more likely than men to face these unpleasant symptoms due to excessive sensitivity. The use of bananas will help to weaken their manifestation.

Such a healing effect has the aforementioned potassium and oxytocin, which has the ability to block pain signals emanating from the trigeminal nerve. Specialists from Stanford and Harvard universities confirm that the onset of a headache is directly related to the condition of the trigeminal nerve.

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