Why baby cries? 5 most common causes

All babies cry: it is the only available way to attract baby’s attention, or call for help – in fact, their own to solve the problems the baby still can not. What did kids cry often?

The reason №1 – the child wants to eat the most frequent cause of children’s crying is hunger (which, incidentally, is not surprising, because the newborn stomach is very small, which means that he must eat often). Offer your baby the breast or bottle, as soon as a child comes satiety, he calms down. However, this method only works in cases when a child crying cause has been determined correctly. Baby continues to cry and after the “meal”? Then, most of all here are something different.

Reason №2 – the baby warm Babies cry when they are experiencing discomfort caused by heat or cold. I must say that babies rarely freeze: caring parents often muffle them in a variety of clothes. But sometimes they can overdo, forgetting that the child should wear only one layer more clothes than on themselves. How to know if your baby is hot? You can check this by touching his nose with the back of the hand if it is hot, your assumptions are correct. Solve the problem can be disguised as a baby in a dry, not hot clothes. And remember: do not need to lay the baby in the crib, “packed” in an envelope or a warm quilt – it is better to hide it in several flannelette diapers to excess can be removed if necessary.

Reason №3 – not sleepy babies daily routine does not have a particularly diverse: often they eat or sleep, at least – are awake. If the baby whimpers, t handles eyes and yawns, he clearly wants to sleep. But it happens and vice versa: Mom trying to put the child to bed, and he was crying and energetic touches legs, trying to throw diapers. This means that the baby is still just too early to sleep! What to do in such a situation? Pay attention to your child: make a charge for babies or, if the weather permits, go for a walk with your child. The fresh air and the sun is a beneficial impact on mood baby, he calmed down and soon fell asleep.

Reason №4 – it’s time to change a diaper Before mothers had to wash diapers twenty times a day. Nowadays, thanks to the existence of diapers, take care of the kids a lot easier. However, wet or greatly increase the amount of diapers can cause the baby discomfort – to irritate his delicate skin or interfere take a comfortable position in bed. How often should I change a diaper? “It is desirable to change a diaper every 3-4 hours, – says the doctor, an expert TM Helen Harper Natalia Geiko. – The kid could be in the diaper and up to 5-6 hours, but on the condition that the used diaper – a quality, perfectly absorbs moisture and gently protects baby’s skin. All these qualities have baby diapers Helen Harper Soft & Dry ». Always make sure that the diaper was not fastened too tight – it may also cause the baby discomfort.

Reason №5 – a baby something tummy ache pain is another common cause of children often crying, and crying especially shrill and loud. Also, tears, accompanied by bouts of colic and other symptoms: the baby pulls the legs to the tummy, wrinkled forehead. In this case, the mother needs to revise your diet: passing the baby can cause many products from her diet. Alleviate the suffering of the child to use the vapor duct and a warm hot water bottle on the tummy. In addition, in a case of intestinal colic babies always make dill water or special medications. The cutting teeth can also cause a child crying. In this case, you can remove the pain, gently massaging the gums with your finger or a cold baby teaspoon and rubbing them cooling gel. If, however, clearly heard the pain and suffering in the child’s crying, but you have seen that they are not linked to intestinal colic, nor with cutting teeth, the best solution is to consult a doctor.

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