Advantages and details of vertical childbirth

Vertical birth – position on his knees, crouching, and even on a special chair with a recess in the seat. Today it is practiced in many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Finland. What are the pros and cons of giving birth?

To give birth easier

During labor, the vertical position helps ease the attempts, which are accompanied by a simultaneous reduction in the uterus and abdomen. It turns out that in such a position births are faster, easier and less painful.

Due to the vertical position, pressurized membranes cervix opens smoothly, thereby helping to reduce injuries in the mother. Therefore, the risk of fractures is reduced to a minimum.

The upright parturient passive less than in the supine. In fact – it may even give birth alone and the first to touch the baby’s head.

In addition, after the delivery of the umbilical cord before crossing mother can take her baby in her arms.

Less grass

Such deliveries help prevent birth defects like a mother and a child. Statistics show that in the case of vertical delivery of only 3.5%, whereas traditional – 35%, among which mainly hematoma in the area of the head.

At the time of the birth mother’s womb in an upright position, and at this moment is not so much squeezing the pelvic vessels. At the same time, the child feels more comfortable and does not experience oxygen starvation.

Pros vertical birth in the first place to notice pediatricians who say that kids who were born thus have higher Apgar scores, as they are a less common neurological pathology, they develop more quickly.

A good alternative

Given the fact that the vertical position of the body load on the body is greatly reduced mothers, doctors advised women to give birth on my knees for some cardiovascular diseases (when the disease is not in the acute stage), with a strong short-sightedness.

Previously, midwives had no choice, since such pathology was considered a contraindication to natural childbirth. Therefore, in the hands, he took up a scalpel and caesarean section. And thanks to the vertical birth, these women can give birth alone.
However, vertical births require more training of medical personnel.


Of course, before you decide to give birth to this method or not, you need to consult with your doctor, as there may be contraindications.

For example, to give birth in an upright position can not varicose veins, premature and complicated pregnancy, as well as intra-uterine growth retardation. And then there are women who, through their anatomical features can not give birth naturally, so they only cesarean section is shown.

Vertical births performed only in institutions that have a special license for their performance.

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