5 signs that your child has low self-esteem

How to improve the child’s self-esteem? We may think that praising a child enough to form his self-confidence, but this is not enough. No matter how we cheered for our children, their self-esteem can be low. Our responsibility in the upbringing of children, as parents, to notice signs that the child has low self-esteem, understand where it came from self-doubt and help him cope with this problem.

Note the 5 most flashy signs that your child has low self-esteem.

1. It does not take compliments

Children with low self-esteem can not take a compliment because they do not believe that’s true. They respond to praise, not agreeing, shaking his head or rolling his eyes (or, sometimes, both).

2. He avoids calling

Your child is trying to avoid problems, not even trying to solve it? Or refuse at the first sign of failure? This usually indicates that the child has a fear of failure, which leads to low self-esteem. Explain to your child how to be confident. This is what we wrote in the article How to help your child improve self-esteem.

3. He is shy

Of course, not every child has to be the ringleader, but sometimes shyness can be a sign of a larger problem. A child who stays away from society can do so out of concern that others will say or do. This feature can also appear out of nowhere, so pay attention if your child begins to avoid friends and activities that he once enjoyed.

4. It is self-critical

This may seem obvious, but it is still worth noting. Although low self-esteem is more noticeable between the ages of 10-12 years, younger children may also occur self-criticism. If your child is constantly criticized your appearance, intelligence or personality, perhaps it is time to intervene and consider how to improve self-esteem.

5. He bullies his peers

We used to think that someone who, while hooligans children self-confidence – the main feature. In the end, they walk with their heads held high, and they do not care what others think. However, usually, they are aggressive because of low self-esteem.

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