5 secrets of effective fat burning on a bicycle

Training on the bike is familiar to everyone from school years. It’s a really cool thing. After all, everything you need for training is great and crazy desires. How to lose weight on a bicycle and will be discussed in this article.

5 secrets of effective training on a bicycle:

1. Choose the right route

Notice where you will drive. Try different variants of roads. It will be good to ride on rough terrain with recessions and rises, but if there is not such a possibility, do not despair. Choose your path, convenient for you.

2. Circulate the load

Riding at the same pace you can get bored, writes ladyhealth.com.ua, and such training is unlikely to leave a mark on the soul. It is necessary to circulate the load, that is, go to the maximum for a while, then dump the speed, take a breath. Very well, the rule is 10 minutes drive. This rule is that for 10 minutes you drive to the limit, and the same time you rest.

3. Do not drive more than 1 hour

Optimum time under load, which can digest the body – 60 minutes. Do not get carried away with a lot of driving, so as not to drive yourself into re-training, from which it will be very difficult to get out. Do in the range of 40 – 60 minutes.

4. Relieve the speed when you go to the mountain

People, instead of reducing the speed, remain, get up off the bike and go uphill on foot. This is not necessary if you can not go at an average speed up, then just reset the switches to a minimum so as not to interrupt the training process.

5. Drink water on arrival

The mistake of most people engaged in practicing a bike is that they do not drink water during the race. In no case do not. Drink in small sips throughout the entire bike run.

Lose weight when riding a bicycle, get pleasure from it. Do not forget about proper nutrition, rest, and then you will necessarily succeed.

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