5 rules of ideal relations

Every person who is in a relationship has his own image of an “ideal” relationship in his head. Someone is happy with everything, someone is trying to change something, and someone has completely stopped trying.


The first and integral part of the relationship is trust. Everyone must learn to trust their half, if there is uncertainty in the partner, then why do you have to start building something? If there is no trust in the partner at the initial stage of the relationship, then this may be the main reason for the breakdown of relations. Trust is the foundation, on which any relationship is based, and without it is impossible to start anything and build it.


Communication The second component – frank communication. It is closely connected with trust, because if there are any problems, misunderstandings, then it is worth discussing and solving. Do not be shy about your half, and even more so hide your desires, grievances or ordinary secrets – it’s not a relationship. Such conversations will help to solve not only the problems but also will approach the chosen one or the chosen one. Communication will help to get to know each other better, which is important in relationships.

Own space

The third point, which follows from the above is personal space. Each half in the relationship has the right to personal space and time. It is not necessary to spend next to each other 24 hours a day, you also need to be able to relax from each other, so as not to get bored.


The fourth is the ability to come to a compromise. From each quarrel, it is necessary to learn the lessons and not repeat them in the future. Compromise is the ability and willingness of a person to make concessions, as well as the ability to recognize their mistakes. CompromiseKompromiss will allow getting out of the conflict situation no matter how unsolvable it seemed, without leaving a negative draft. Never try to convince a loved one, just accept that there is such a point of view and draw a conclusion. Each person is individual and each side must make concessions at one time or another.

A responsibility

The final component of strong relations is understanding and acceptance of one’s responsibility. You should never look in any quarrel with the guilty party because two are always to blame. It is necessary to realize the equal responsibility with your soul mate for all the consequences of the relationship. Acceptance of responsibility also includes a very important feature – the ability to forgive. If you do not learn to accept and realize an equal share of responsibility for a relationship with a partner, then you can not learn to forgive.

From all of the above, it follows that the relationship is a great work, work of both sides. Never stop loving your soul mate, appreciate it, stick to some tips and then the relationship will turn into a fairy tale from a romantic film.

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