5 Main Mistakes in Relationships

We have repeatedly heard that the relationship is work. We all make mistakes and try to learn from them. However, there are mistakes that are costly and can be, in the long run, the cause of the collapse of relations.

Perhaps, you are also making some of these mistakes in your relations and it is worth revising your views to make the relationship more harmonious.

Although, of course, it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes and bitter experiences and try to make your relationship sound and healthy. So, the main mistakes in the relationship:

Mistake # 1. The principle of automatism

This is one of the main mistakes in the relationship – to think that if you are together, everything will happen automatically well and smoothly. If you look closely, everything in nature is destroyed, either because of external factors or because of self-destruction.

The same thing happens with relationships. If one of the partners stops working on the relationship and takes everything for granted, the failures in this process are inevitable. This is one of the main mistakes that couples make.

Work on relationships is a natural phenomenon. And do not listen to those who say that relationships can be fabulous in themselves.

Mistake # 2. Principle of sugar

Another major mistake in the relationship is to devote yourself fully and all your time to your partner, forgetting about other areas of life. A loved one and relationships are part of your life and your interests, but that’s not all you need for completeness of sensations.

Women, like men, should have their own hobbies, favorite pursuits, meetings and socializing with friends, etc. Otherwise, everything turns into a classic situation, when one of the couples gives his best years of life, and the second continues to live his life.

Mistake # 3. The principle of freezing

One of the main mistakes in relations is to stop developing, learn something new and become better. Our world is dynamic, and if you “freeze” at a certain level, you will be immediately circumvented by those who go further and develop.

Therefore, a woman should always remain an interesting man, and a man – to his woman. And the best way to stay interesting is to learn something new, have something interesting in your life that distinguishes you from others and makes you more attractive in the eyes of your partner.

Mistake # 4. Principle of binding

One of the main mistakes in the relationship, especially from the woman, is the desire to tie a man to him and deprive him of his personal space.

Reread the previous points and try to understand that a man as well as you need space for development, some freedom and his own private life – and not only a full return to oneself. If a man is not able to combine his personal freedom and relationship, think, do you need such a man?

Mistake # 5. The principle: “everyone thinks only about themselves”

It is very important that there is a common space in the relationship. The pair must be what unites people together. It is about three levels of intimacy in the relationship: emotional, intellectual and physical intimacy.

As you can see, we are not talking about children, cars or dogs. The most important thing, however trivial, is really the relationship.

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