10 reasons to have sex in the morning

Most women are not too fond of morning sex. Still: in the morning there are so many worries, everything must be done and not be late! However, do not rush to deny your loved one in the morning pleasure, and you will soon see for yourself its attractiveness!

Reason 1
You will definitely wake up

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, if you even come to work feel drowsy, morning sex – just for you! Even a “lazy” intimacy morning disperses blood and causes your body to switch to an active mode of operation. All organs and systems, including the brain, begin to work intensively. You will finally wake up!

Cause 2
Instead of charging

Do you find it hard to force yourself to do even the most minimal set of physical exercises in the morning? Sexy games are the same sport, besides pleasant. In addition, you do not have to get out of bed. During the morning sex, you will work the muscles of the press, back, buttocks, thighs. A full charge is provided!

Reason 3
You will be in a better mood

During intimate games, a rather large portion of endorphins, hormones of happiness, is thrown into the blood. Even if you have a nightmare at night, your mood will rise dramatically. You have a great day!

Reason 4
Your senses will be sharper

In the morning, when the time for entertainment is not so much, you need to have time and excitement and get an orgasm in the strictly designated time, otherwise, you’ll be late for work. On the one hand, it will give sex a special poignancy, on the other – you can always interrupt the sex therapy session, referring to urgent cases. Then, to continue intimate entertainment in the evening.

Reason 5
You do not need any training

As a rule, in the evening we prepare for sex: we put on sexy underwear, light the aroma lamp, rub the favorite aroma into the skin. In the morning you can relax and not think about these little things. Especially if the initiator of sex is a man.

Reason 6
You will increase self-esteem

What is important: you feel that you like your partner and such: disheveled, with slightly swollen eyes from sleep and without any make-up. Moreover: already on the way to work, you will catch on yourself the interested views of men. And feel irresistible!

Reason 7
You are not distracted by anything

The children are still asleep, the favorite TV series is on TV only in the evenings, at the earliest you will not get a call from your mother or girlfriend. No distractions will prevent you from having fun.

Reason 8
Your favorite will not be late at work

All day he will involuntarily return his thoughts to morning sex. And certainly want to continue, so do not “hang out” with friends in the bar or sit out at the office.

Cause 9
You will feel like a genius of time management

It’s only 8 in the morning, and you already got an orgasm and satisfied your husband. It is possible to delete this item from the mandatory list of cases for today!

Cause 10
Morning coffee in bed is provided for you

And also – a sandwich, an omelet or a croissant, according to your taste. Beloved will consider it his duty to do for you such a small amount of the pleasure that you gave him!

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